What’s wrong with grammar schools? Two words: secondary moderns

11-plusI’ve nothing against grammar schools; it’s the secondary moderns I don’t like. For younger readers, secondary moderns are the schools you go to if you don’t get into a grammar school. You can call them what you like, but secondary moderns is what they are: every child there has either failed the 11-plus or not even been entered for it. “A grammar school in every town” automatically turns all other schools in the area into secondary moderns.

If you support Theresa May and Nick Timothy in their drive to bring back these engines of social division, you’d better be very sure your kids, your grandkids, and your friends’ and neighbours’ kids if you care about them too, are going to pass the 11-plus. Because you really, really don’t want them ending up at a secondary modern.

Ask yourself honestly: once you have a grammar school and a secondary modern in your catchment area, which school will get the best teachers? Which school will get the investment? Which school will business want to sponsor and support? Which school will get the all-important “good reputation”? You know the answers. We will be creating sink schools by default.

Why would anyone “progressive” want to do that?

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